Anpeco Design Company

Anpeco Design Company is a small but very talented and experienced technology design company. Anpeco specializes in:

  • Electronic Hardware design
  • Low Power Wireless design
  • Android software development
  • iOS software development
  • Voice recognition and audio programming on mobile devices
  • Windows programming

Anpeco Design Company is available for custom technology design projects. We do anything from simple projects requiring only a few hours all the way to complex projects involving many engineers, custom hardware and software, and possibly lasting many months.

We always deliver high quality designs and excellent documentation. On complex projects we work up front with the customer to determine the overall system design, and then document the design requirements so that we can implement the design quickly and correctly.

We have excellent relationships with several factories in China and can help with high volume production, including manufacturing test development and even on-site inspections to guarantee only quality products are shipped.

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