Anpeco Design Company - April 1, 2005

Completes Connected Media Projects

Anpeco finished implementing Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Windows XP versions of Connected Media's patented internet based content unlocking.

The patent basically covers unlocking content on a physical storage device by using the Internet. For the demo applications on the Palm and Windows Mobile devices the storage medium is an SD card which is pre-loaded with encrypted content and a Connected Media program for Palm OS and Windows Mobile Devices.

Upon inserting the card into a compatible device, the Anpeco developed program will run and display information from a Connected Media server. Once the user satisfies the servers requirments (entering email, filling out a survey, or entering an ID), the program will play the protected media on the device.

Anpeco developed the Palm OS application, Windows Mobile application, Windows XP application and the server side scripting to demonstrate this usage of the Connected Media patent.

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