Anpeco Design Company

Joins Minium Mobile at the CTIA 2007 show in Orlando, FL

Anpeco has developed the Minium program based upon the patent pending technology created by Roger Dalal, founder of Minium Mobile.

This application indexes many common items and functions on a smartphone, such as contact information, application, web book marks, memos, and etc. As a user types Minium presents the user with this information based upon frequency of use. The contact, application, and etc. that a user uses the most are presented first. This drastically minimizes the number of keystrokes needed to do almost anything on a mobile phone.

Minium also directly interfaces with Boopsie, the mobile search engine that is rapidly gaining popularity for the immense amount of information it indexes and provides easy access to from mobile phones.
   >> Boopsie Home Page

Stay tuned for more details....

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